previous talks

  • It's Coming From Inside The House: An Inside-Out Approach to NodeJS Application Security
  • Empathy For The Devel(oper)
  • One Size Fits Me: Building Secure By Default Nodejs Applications
  • A Matter of National Cybersecurity

upcoming talks

  • Secure Enough: Building in Security Without Handcuffing the Business
  • It's Coming From Inside The House: An Inside-Out Approach to NodeJS Application Security
  • On This Journey, Where Do I go Next?
  • Backwards & In Heels: You Must Know the Business to Secure the Business

what i talk about

  • IoT Security
  • Appsec, Webapp Security
  • Wireless Network Security
  • National Cybersecurity Initatives
  • Balancing Security & Business Requirements
  • Inequities in Cyberattack Impact and Response



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_spartan is a node application which provides nodejs developers with intra-application security through custom policies which generates tailored& configured boilerplate code.


Released w/ active support



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_phalanx is a node application to provide inter-application peer-to-peer security policy (built in _spartan) enforcement, ensuring all other _spartans are 'good citizens' in a larger platform framework.


In Design Phase



Probe Killer

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This android app allows users to detect malicious access points and takes proactive steps to prevent their devices from connecting to them.





Yolonda Smith

no power in the 'verse can stop me

My Bio

Yolonda Smith is a Lead Infosec Analyst with Target Corporation’s Business Information Security Office (BISO), aligned with the Digital portfolio. In this role, she provides expert security consultancy to developers, business leaders and key stakeholders to ensure that Target's web and mobile applications are designed, developed and deployed with minimal risk to Target or its guests. A security professional herself, she spent 8 years in the United States Air Force as a Cyberspace Operations Officer with duties and responsibilities varying from Mission Commander, (Advanced Network Operations) where her team planned and executed the first DoD Cyber Threat Hunting Missions to Flight Commander, (Cyber Defense Capabilities Development) where her team developed and fielded the first and only malware neutralization tool for the Predator Drone Weapon System. Additionally, she successfully completed multiple deployments in support of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom where her teams delivered secure, reliable communications capabilities to forward-deployed units on-demand. Yolonda holds a litany of degrees and certifications including a Bachelor of Science, Computer Science(University of Notre Dame, 2005), Master of Science, Information Technology, with a concentration in Information Assurance (University of Maryland, 2010) as well as GSEC (2008), GCIH (2011), and CISSP (2008) certifications.

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